Moor Mask 100g

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The Mask is a deeply penetrating and cleansing mask which need only be left on the skin for three to six minutes, making it ideal for a busy lifestyle. The Mask should NEVER be allowed to dry on the skin, as its tiny particles are very difficult to remove once dry. It is ideal for use in the shower, and can be used twice weekly. For those with sensitive skins, a light covering of Cleansing Milk is recommended to protect delicate areas. Moorlife Mask is also wonderful as a body or muscle mask. See the Moorlife Mask video on YouTube at
From the world's oldest and most acclaimed Health Spa in Austria comes a naturally alkaline-free substance made up of over 700 herbs and flowers. Used by Josephine and Napoleon, hailed as the 'Fountain of Youth' by Renaissance physicians, the Moor is the essence of all Moorlife products.


Shortened analysis: A: Alpine spring water C: Organic substances from herbs E: Albumin 2% - which form 15 essential amino acid groups - Inorganic substances (all above are naturally occurring)
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